This year at OUTCRY we saw some of the most influential names in the church unite together for the purpose of empowering the local church and to glorify the name of Jesus Christ. 120,000 attended. Thousands saved. Watch the film to learn more.

Watch the Film Official 2016 Promo


OUTCRY is the lights and sounds of a movement in progress.

We believe that the “the next big thing” is here. It’s always been here. The local church. And there is no greater movement to give your life to than the powerful, worldwide movement that begins at the local churches in your city.

For years, the OUTCRY team has been praying and dreaming about doing something to encourage the local church. After meeting with pastors and worship artists all over the country, one thing emerged: the tired and discouraged state of the local church. A loss of perspective on the true impact of the local body of Christ.

Over the years of dreaming and planning OUTCRY changed its form. At some point it was a conference or a 3-day festival. The what and the how changed a lot over the years, but the why never changed.

In 2015 God made it clear that OUTCRY was to be a tour. And the momentum built. Many churches and worship artists joined OC on the road and God did amazing things. 120,000 attended. Thousands gave their lives to Jesus. And arenas were filled with the sound of the church singing to Jesus.

OUTCRY is just getting started. And our why remains the same this year.

Second only to his own glory, Jesus cares deeply for the church. He calls it his bride. He calls it his body. Every church. Every bible study. Every corner of the earth where people meet in the name of Jesus is included. Every local church plays a significant role in the global movement of Jesus.

The next chapter of Church history is being written and we are at the center of it. And we are louder when we are together.